All-Star Batman #9 Review

The world being what it is today, you can’t blame comic creators for becoming more preoccupied with doomsday scenarios and world-ending catastrophes. All-Star Batman’s “Ends of the Earth” story arc has been especially preoccupied with the end of the world. That culminates in an explosive finale issue that manages to reinforce the power of Batman in these troubled times and offer a satisfying new take on a familiar supporting character.

One of the first lines in this issue is “This is not a Batman story.” And in some strange way, that’s actually true. Scott Snyder and Jock emphasize Bruce Wayne over Batman here, though the line between Bruce the man and Batman the symbol has always been a little more blurry in Snyder’s work than some others. But any way you slice it, this issue is very much abut pulling Bruce out of his comfort zone. As with past chapters of “Ends of the Earth,” Bruce finds himself dragged out of Gotham and into less familiar territory (In this case, Washington DC). The script plays nicely with the discomfort and confusion the Dark Knight feels being out of his own city and racing against the clock to save his sidekick and the world at large.

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