Avengers 3: Thanos' Black Order Explained

At D23 Fan Expo, Marvel Studios revealed five statues to give us our first look at the Black Order, Thanos’ group of super-powered cronies that will debut in Avengers: Infinity War.

The alien squad will be backing up their evil master as he quests to gather the Infinity Stones, so check out our photos of the statues by clicking through the slideshow gallery below and then read on for what we know about them from the comics.

The Black Order debuted in 2013’s New Avengers #8 as part of Marvel Comics’ Infinity event storyline and were created by Jonathan Hickman, Jerome Opeña, and Jim Cheung. Infinity told the dual-storyline of the Avengers fighting off an alien armada in space and stopping Thanos from collecting the Infinity Gems (or Infinity Stones, as they’re known in the movies) on Earth. The Black Order (sometimes referred to as the Cull Obsidian) were key players in Thanos’ multi-pronged attack on Earth’s defenses.

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