Becoming Bond Review

Utilizing a documentary and narrative hybrid approach, Becoming Bond — now streaming on Hulu — chronicles the life of George Lazenby, the roguish Australian male model-turned-actor who was the first to succeed Sean Connery in the role of James Bond. It’s a charming if slight account as told by the subject himself, but its (mostly comedic) reenactments sometimes do more to undercut Lazenby than they do to convince us he deserved to be 007.

Having never acted before in his life, Lazenby won the role of cinema’s most famous secret agent but only played the part once, in 1969′s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. According to Lazenby, he turned his back on fame and fortune, rejecting a multi-picture deal and $1 million offer to return as 007. (The franchise ultimately wooed Connery back for one more film before Roger Moore took over the role.)

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