Fargo: Season 3 Premiere Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

At least initially, Fargo’s Season 3 premiere has no ostensible story connection to the other two seasons. Because of this, it’s already the most adrift season of the series. That’s not to say there’s no fun to be had, it’s just that “The Law of Vacant Places” is, for now, noticeably untethered.

Season 1 was tied to the Coen Brothers movie, while also sporting a few characters that we meant to feel like (and even look like) iconic roles from the film, while Season 2 was connected to Season 1 by the Solverson family. Season 3 is at sea a little bit – the first Fargo run to be purely Fargo as a brand. Which also means that, perhaps, it’s the most free in a way. That being said, it also starts off as the most toothless of the bunch. Sure, there’s murder and foul play, but there’s no cruelty at play – just bungling (which itself is a Fargo hallmark). There are no gangsters or hitmen at the start of Season 3, just bitter brothers, parolees, and ex-cons trying to make their way.

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