Graphic Novel Review: Deadpool – Bad Blood

Marvel’s current approach to the X-Men franchise is fueled heavily by ’90s nostalgia, so now is really the perfect time to be publishing a new Deadpool graphic novel co-written and drawn by Rob Liefeld. Bad Blood is a heavily flawed comic in all the ways one might expect, but this graphic novel does at least succeed in capturing the look and general tone of the ’90s X-books far better than most of marvel’s nostalgia-driven comics.

Bad Blood pairs Liefeld with co-writers Chris Sims and Chad Bowers, both of whom have ample experience revisiting the ’90s-era X-Men via the X-Men ’92 series. It’s a logical pairing, and together, this creative team does succeed in evoking that era when chromium coves were all the rage and everyone wore their body weight in pouches and shoulder pads. Not only do Liefeld mainstays like Domino and Kane feature prominently in the story, it even features a flashback to the early X-Force days. Reader mileage will vary a great deal depending on your own attachment to the classic X-Force comics, but Bad Blood does serve as a fun throwback to a simpler time.

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