IGN Interviews Starcraft: Remastered's Development Team

Even classics need renovations from time to time. After 19 years of zerg rushes, sellout tournaments, and an entire esports scene, on Monday, Blizzard is releasing a remastered edition of its iconic game. IGN talked to Robert Bridenbecker, VP of Tech Strategy at Blizzard, about the challenges updating a revered giant in the RTS genre.

“Starcraft is arguably the grandfather of esports,” explains Bridenbecker, but even he may be underselling the influence of Starcraft on the esports scene. With esports tournaments, casters, players, and entire leagues built around the game during its heyday, Starcraft isn’t so much a game as an institution.

No one was more surprised about the game’s success than the developers. “Go back to 1999, seeing those esport tournaments in South Korea, we were pretty blown away.” Back then, he and his team thought of multiplayer as a few people playing over LAN. “We didn’t expect 100,000 people in a stadium.”

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