Powerless: "Emergency Punch-Up" Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Powerless has had its ups and downs so far this season, but at this point it seems safe to say the show has found its groove. The show still isn’t terribly consistent about making use of the the DC Universe setting, but it has managed to achieve a much stronger balance in terms of showcasing the full cast and giving the actors decent material to work with. In that sense, “Emergency Punch-Up” might be the most well-rounded episode yet.

“Emergency Punch-Up” more or less fits the description of a bottle episode. It trimmed the cast down to the core essentials and kept them confined in one spot for the entire half hour. I don’t know that the distinction matters much given how rarely the show ventures outside the confines of the Wayne Security offices. Still, the idea that the gang were holed up and cut off from their long-awaited corporate retreat by a supervillain attack was a solid one. It was also fun to see Dr. Psycho worked into the plot as a sort of parody of Netflix’s Making a Murderer. Though, as usual, Psycho was more unseen plot device than actual character.

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