Wednesday's Morning Email: Greece Reconsiders Bailout Offer

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GREECE RECONSIDERS BAILOUT TERMS “The Greek government has signaled to its creditors that it is willing to accept many of the terms of a bailout package that it had earlier rejected, if they are part of a broader deal to address the country’s funding needs for the next two years, officials said on Wednesday.” Despite Greece’s failure to pay its 1.6 billion euro debt to the IMF yesterday, European stocks are on the rise on hopes that a bailout deal goes through. Here’s a timeframe for a “Grexit” if it’s still in the cards, as well as options for Greece’s currency. And Howard Fineman writes of the rise of nationalism in light of the Greek crisis. [NYT]

USA DEFEATS GERMANY 2-0 TO ADVANCE TO WORLD CUP The U.S. women’s team defeated the number one team in the world to advance to the final Sunday. [Lucy McCalmont, HuffPost]

U.S., CUBAN EMBASSIES TO OPEN The U.S. and Cuba will open embassies in each other’s respective capitals. The U.S. embassy in Havana will open this month. [AP]

DEATH TOLL IN INDONESIA MILITARY PLANE CRASH RAISED “The death toll from the crash of an air force transport plane in the Indonesian city of Medan jumped to more than 140 on Wednesday, indicating a growing list of victims from the neighborhood where the plane went down.” [AP]

ANOTHER BLACK CHURCH CATCHES FIRE South Carolina’s Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church is the seventh predominantly black church to catch fire since the Charleston shooting. Investigators have yet to label the fire an act of arson. [Andrew Hart, HuffPost]

CLINTON EMAILS SHOW SENIOR OBAMA STAFFERS KNEW OF PRIVATE EMAIL IN 2009 President Obama’s former chief of staff Rahm Emanuel requested the private email address in 2009. [AP]

DEATH OF TODDLER FOUND ON SWING IN PARK IN MAY RULED HOMICIDE The body of the toddler, who arrived at the Baltimore park alive, was being pushed by his mother on a swing two days later. Police have ruled that the child died of of hypothermia and dehydration. [Michael McLoughlin]


CONGRATS TO MISTY COPELAND The American Ballet Theater named Copeland its principal dancer, making her the first African-American to hold the prestigious lead role in its 75-year history. [HuffPost]

IT’S OVER FOR JEN AND BEN Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have called it quits after ten years of marriage. As Vulture put it, love is dead. [HuffPost]

GAY AT WEST POINT “No sign of revulsion, not even a raised eyebrow or curious stare. Complete indifference. It felt wonderful.” [Vanity Fair]

THE DISNEY TOY THAT BRINGS VIRTUAL REALITY TO LIFE And gets kids moving outside all the while. [Mic]

SINGLE PEOPLE, IT’S NOT ALL BAD Turns out there’s such a thing as “love weight.” [HuffPost]

THE LITTLE FISH RESPONSIBLE FOR HALVING ANEMIA CASES IN CAMBODIA “Although it looks like a souvenir shop tchotchke, the small iron fish is actually a brilliant low-tech solution to prevent the health-destroying consequences of anemia … In Cambodia, a diet of predominantly rice and fish leaves a large percentage of the population with iron deficiencies that can lead to anemia, a global health problem with effects ranging from an inability to focus to premature births and miscarriages. But iron pills are expensive, and their side effects discourage people from complying with a daily dose.” [Slate]


WHY CITIES ARE THE FUTURE OF FIGHTING CLIMATE CHANGE Michael Bloomberg and Anne Hidalgo, the Mayor of Paris, write, “In cities and local regions across the globe, tackling climate change is also an opportunity for raising standards of living and improving jobs markets. Better mass transit means easier commutes. Reducing air pollution means improved public health.” [HuffPost]


VALERIE JARRETT: A MONTH OF PRIDE “After years of waiting, marriage equality is a reality. The ruling represents an enormous victory for same-sex couples, their children, and their supporters, many of whom have dedicated their lives to this struggle.” [HuffPost]


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